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Celebrating 20 Years of Metrolink!
October 19, 2013 @ 7pm
Central West End Station
Theme: MetroLink's 20th Birthday
1990s Attire Suggested

MetroLink Prom is Turning 6; MetroLink is Turning 20!

MetroLink Prom is officially returning for its 6th year! This year’s theme is celebrating our light rail system’s 20th birthday. Born in 1993, MetroLink is too young to remember cultural high points like Saved by the Bell, but that won’t stop us from celebrating the 1990s at this year’s MetroLink Prom!

Please show up in your finest recycled 90s formalwear and hairdos. If possible, go for a 1990s grunge look. (See below for a “revivial” take on 1990s Grunge).

As for the details, we’re still hashing them out (we do have a month until the day, after all), but here are the basic details below!

WHAT: 6th Annual MetroLink Prom
WHO: All lovers of mass transit, formalwear, and the 1990s
WHEN: Saturday, October 19th, 2013 at 7 p.m.
WHERE:Meet at the Central West End MetroLink Station at 7pm
HOW MUCH:A two-hour Metro pass ($3.00) – Purchase your own, please!

We will have a rooftop after-party at the Olin Residence Hall overlooking the Central West End MetroLink Station after we crown our Prom King and Queen!

As a reminder, dressing to the theme is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and you will not be judged for going your own way. Also, since the trains tend to be quite full for the Prom, we don’t expect you to be break-dancing or slow-dancing with your honey—so PLEASE do not skip the Prom because A) you can’t dance or B) you have no date. Not a big deal. Seriously.

Get excited, and get ready to celebrate MetroLink’s “almost legal” 20th birthday!

And We’re Back!

MetroLink Prom is returning for its FIFTH year, everyone.

The date is set: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20th at 7pm.

Most details (including itinerary and after-party) are still to be determined, but we can tell you this year’s theme: ELECT To Ride Transit.

Yep! We just knew you’d be in an electoral frame of mind by late October, with the election just weeks away. So we figured why not make MetroLink Prom’s 2012 theme centered on the future of our great country? Instead of a Prom King and Queen this year, we’ll have a Prom President and Vice-President. So which are you — Red Line Party or Blue Line Party?

Therefore, this year’s suggested attire is RED, WHITE, and BLUE (try to combine them all in some way, if you can). As always, we love costumes, so go patriotic and dress as George Washington, Paul Revere, or just wrap yourself in an American flag if you wish.

Mark your calendars and get ready for Prom, everyone!

Thank You! (Updated 10/10/11 at 2:15p)

Thanks first and foremost must go to the HUGE crowd that showed up for a more-than-memorable MetroLink Prom night! Without you, we would have just been a handful of awkwardly well-dressed transit riders swaying our hips.

Many, many thanks go to the evening’s awesome musical entertainment and performers - the up and coming band Trotting Bear. Thanks also go to Ryan Albritton of R&R Music Labs for securing live music for MetroLink Prom for the first time!

(As an aside, if you’re a fan of St. Louis’s thriving local music scene, be sure to check out next month’s STL LOUD Showcase on November 11, 2011. More information on this great event put on by Ryan and others here.)

How incredible was the PROMenade from the Skinker Station to the Moonrise Hotel? Very. The Drum Line of St. Louis was absolutely outstanding. Marching down the historic streetscape of Skinker Boulevard amidst a backdrop of vintage St. Louis homes experiencing the reverberation of the band was breathtaking! Thanks go to Juan Montana of Cherokee Photobooth and Michael Powers, a Neighborhood Stabilization Officer for the city’s 21st Ward, for setting this up.

The Moonrise Hotel was the gracious host of our after-party, where we were finally able to legally consume adult beverages and watch the Cardinals’ victory. Thanks go to the Moonrise Hotel’s rooftop terrace for putting up with a huge flood of customers all at once! Also, thanks go to Martin Pittman, the GM of the Moonrise Hotel for helping us to promote the event with the hotel’s social media accounts!

Thanks go to all of the members and organizers of City Affair, Citizens for Modern Transit, and the Transit Riders Union of St. Louis for donating their social media accounts, time, materials, and ideas to the successful effort. Special recognition must be made for Andrew Faulkner (he was the guy with the spinnable MetroLink fez at the event) for his organizational and crafting skills.

Thanks Liz Kramer, AKA Miss Metrolink, for traveling from Chicago and its grad school duties to join us and help us with some media appearances. (The award for the most travel mileage expended to attend MetroLink Prom goes to San Franciscan Damon Harris! Thanks for proving that this event is worth a few hundred bucks and some plane transfers!)

Spirited thanks go to Robert Beck for his beautiful “4th Annual” and “MetroLink Prom” train-size posters which were prominently displayed during the PROMenade and on the Moonrise rooftop bar! Thanks also, then, go to Emily Beck for rallying her father’s talents!

Thanks go to each and every crafter who helped our guests celebrate in style with pipe cleaner corsages!

And so on, and so forth. See you next year dressed in your best on the rails!

MetroLink Prom is Tonight!

See you on the Forest Park/DeBaliviere platform at 7pm sharp (our train leaves at 7:26p!). Remember: try to wear something blue and don’t skip out if you don’t have a date (no one will notice - just bring your friends!).

If you happen to be late, and have a car, consider meeting us at Shrewsbury, where we should arrive around 7:45.

Door Prizes for Prom Goers!

In honor of the 4th anniversary of Metrolink Prom, door prizes will be offered beginning at 6:50pm.

  • The first 40 men will receive a Metro tie tack
  • The first 40 women will receive a Metrolink ruler (apply to your man’s knuckles to keep him in line)
  • The first 40 children (or children at heart) will receive their choice of a Metrolink train or bus model.

Mayor covers the very first MetroLink Prom in 2008.

Caution, the Blue Line Makes SUNNEN Stops!

—The MetroLink Prom Committee

No one will be raining on our MetroLink Prom parade! What gorgeous Prom weather, folks!

No one will be raining on our MetroLink Prom parade! What gorgeous Prom weather, folks!